The State of Being

Time and the State of Being

Time can never be paused, for we are always in motion. We are in a constant state of being, an inevitable, subconscious action. If we were not to be, then indeed we would do nothing, but then we too would be nothing.

The Stillness of Being

If we could stop all purposeful actions and leave only our state of being, we would be able to see, hear, and feel, so much more. If we were to stop thinking, listening, seeking, and judging, all that would be absorbed into our minds would be everything, for the state of being itself consists of near-nothingness, like a piece of rice paper, and all would flow through naturally, effortlessly. We would be able to experience the beauty of the world as it flows through us, and though we would never be able to capture it, could we truly capture the beauty of life, of the universe, even if we tried? In the stillness of simply being, we would for once be able to forget what goes on inside of us to be aware of the beauty all around us. Indeed, we would render ourselves thoughtless for the time we are solely being, but do we really need to think and process the world to understand it, be aware of it? It is good to be deep oftentimes, but one does not need depth to understand the beauty of a weeping willow, or a dew-covered rose; they simply are beautiful. Similarly, does one need depth to understand a mother’s love, to feel the warmth from the blazing eyes and cheeks of young lovers? The depth of the world would make up for the human-conjured depth we would be depriving ourselves of. If we did not try to be deep, perhaps depth would, like the rest of the world, naturally flow into us.


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