Silver Linings

Clouds drift by as ships do, on another ocean of blue. Gazing at them, my thoughts adopt their pace, and memories intertwine with fantasies until they are inseparable and the same. A single cloud of paper white passes before the sun, softening the rays into a glow that shimmers around the cloud’s edges. The world around me darkens into a muted grey, or perhaps gold, and for a moment, time seems to stand still. The breeze does not blow and the trees do not sway as a heavy silence fills the air. The grass beneath me is cool to my touch and each blade is still. Even the clouds seem to have paused, suspended and tethered by weightless strings, unable to fall nor rise. I smile at the fleeting thought that if all my days were like this, when the beauty of a hushed world around me matched that of a silver lining above, I would never have to look for silver linings when clouds came to veil the sun. But the moment passes as quickly as my thought does, and the world illuminates with a renewed vibrancy. I stay quiet, allowing the last fragment of the forgotten silence to live a second longer, but it too begins to fade.


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