“L’anamour.” The song title dances on my lips as a faint guitar strums in my headphones. It means, “without love”, I think. A low voice murmurs a light melody, like the rustle of tall grasses on a summer’s day. My mind reminisces of past summers; my heart is filled with fading sunlight. To remember is to live again, to submerge into memory and forget to breathe. Fingers dance across my skin, only to disappear into nothingness. A laugh sounds softly above my ear, a voice beckons me, but both are silent when I turn. Summer days blur into summer nights. I dance with ghosts beneath the stars, or are they memories that twirl me in the dark? Moonlight spills over unwept tears; ghosts and memories are not so different. Words pool in my mind and trickle from my eyes. I gasp. I must remember to breathe.


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