Moon Water

My bedroom window wavers in the silvery light. My fingers touch the cool glass and reach beyond it, slipping into the sapphire depths of moon water. Peering through the glass, I see my hand glide through the gentle current, stirring stars that seem to glitter in the midnight blue. The rippling waters whisper in the hush of moonlit hours, and the song of stars resembles the softest of wind chimes. The edges of my blanket are damp with moonlight now, and my wrists sparkle with stardust. I long to reach further, to feel the coolness kiss my closed eyelids, but I must not linger, or I may slip into the depths forever. My hand slips through the glass once more and both my hand and my blanket are now dry. The windowpane has ceased to quiver and for a moment I wonder if it was all a dream.


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