Deux Ciels Étoilés

« Mais parmi ses étoiles vivantes, combien de fenêtres fermées, combien d’étoiles éteintes, combien d’hommes endormis… »

-Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Terre des Hommes

Two starlit skies reflect one another on an ordinary night, illuminating the earth twice as subtly. Unknown mysteries conjure newborn stars next to dying ones, just as unknown hands flip light switches next to windows that were once aglow but have now gone dark. Each insomniac’s whispered dreams are framed by sheer lace curtains fluttering in the midnight wind as the light of stars above bleeds into the sky like ink in water. The waters of dreams and wishes reflect the sky above to create a new one below, both ever-changing, both eternally different yet alike. The world sleeps fitfully when there are stars to watch, when there are windows whose shadow puppet shows entrance the sleepless dreamer, when there are galaxies that seem to disappear in the blink of a lifetime. The world, simultaneously awake and asleep, dreams on.


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